Build What Works for You

In this fast-paced and varied society, no two agencies use their public safety software the same way. That's why Flex provides public safety agencies across the nation with options through a flexible, off-the-shelf software solution that is built by each agency to support their specific needs and pain points.

The video below demonstrates how Flex provides you with the freedom to build a system that meet your needs. You'll learn about robust capabilities such as:

  • A centralized database known as the Integrated Hub
  • More than 60 off-the-shelf software modules to build and expand your system
  • Robust searching capabilities
  • Real-time, multi-jurisdictional data sharing

Check out the video!


To learn about how flexible integration increases efficiency and data accuracy, fill out the form and download a free case study. You'll discover how Miami County Sheriff's Office in Indiana solved many of the problems they had encountered with their old software vendor by building a more integrated system with Flex.