Introducing the Spillman Flex Promise

A software investment you can rely on for years to come.

The public safety software world today is full of uncertainty, with many agencies questioning where their software systems - and the vendors who support them - are headed. For the last 35 years, Spillman Flex has been dedicated to providing software that helps reduce crime, increase officer safety, and make more efficient use of the limited resources agencies have. As a strategic acquisition in 2016 by Motorola Solutions (a company that in turn just celebrated our 90th anniversary), Flex is even more equipped to continue providing industry-leading technology, delivering a solid return on investment, and honoring our commitments to customers through unrivaled customer service and innovation.


Public safety software will continue to evolve, but our promise to you is that Spillman Flex will still be there to evolve with it for years to come.

As you consider vendors that can deliver on the promise to protect your investment, it is essential to conduct thorough evaluations that go beyond their software's functionality. Fill out the form to receive a free ebook that will highlight the five most important questions to consider when researching software vendors.